Tuesday, August 10, 2010

News Headlines for Independent Voters: Today's Primaries Elections in Georgia, Colorado, Minnesota and Connecticut

   Independents can vote in primaries in GEORGIA.
   Independents can vote in COLORADO, but you have to pick a party, and then you have to switch back...
   Indies can vote in MINNESOTA, but you have to pick a party...
   Independent voters cannot participate in primaries in CONNECTICUT.
     [See The Hankster Open Primaries page]
  • Curry files lawsuit over finance rules (Aspen Times) Gunnison Rep. Kathleen Curry, whose district includes Aspen and Pitkin County, argues in the lawsuit that the state's campaign finance rules are unconstitutional and restrict how unaffiliated candidates raise money. That's because the major party candidates can collect the maximum contributions twice — once for a primary and again for the general election — but unaffiliated candidates can receive the maximum contribution once for the general election because they don't stand in primaries, according to the lawsuit.
  • Write in the independents (LETTER Glenwood Springs Post Independent)
  • Independence Party chairman Dote indicted (By ROCCO LaDUCA, Observer-Dispatch) Independence Party chairman Dote indicted
  • MALTESE FOR ELECTION BOARD (Queens Courier) Endorsement
  • Morano Strikes Back (YNN/Capital Tonght) It wasn’t enough for longtime Independence Party activist and ex-state committee member Frank Morano to quit the party and publicly lambaste it on his way out the door, now he’s trying to get the organization investigated by the Board of Elections, claiming its coffers have served as a sort of piggy bank for the personal interests of its leaders.

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