Saturday, August 07, 2010

Kresky Speaks at Brooklyn Social Therapy Group on Nonpartisan Elections and the History of Partisanship in NY

NYC Independence Party attorney Harry Kresky speaks at the Brooklyn Social Therapy Group Community Education Series community conversations hosted by Dr. Rafael Mendez. "What's Happening in Electoral Reform in a Time of Realignment?"  August 6, 2010. Kresky quotes from Assemblyman Adriano Espaillat saying that NYC is a partisan town at Thursday's press conference at City Hall.

Adam Lisberg reported on Thursday's press conference which brought out about 30 politicians to speak against nonpartisan elections:  "Nonpartisan elections seemed dead a month ago, but Citizen Union's flip-flop on the issue and the quiet work of Mayor Bloomberg's operatives has brought it back to life..."

Jill Colvin had the story for DNAinfo, saying "Assemblyman Espaillat spoke passionately about how nonpartisan elections remind him of the one-party system he grew up with in the Dominican Republic, where no opposition was allowed."  And Michael Gonda reports for NY Observer here.

Nonpartisan elections for NYC is being supported by Citizens Union, the NYC Independence Party and numerous black and Latino leaders including Rev. Floyd Flake, Dr. Lenora Fulani, Professor Derrick Bell, Howard Dodson, and others.

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