Friday, August 20, 2010

Hankster Summer Friday: Live-blogging Friday Afternoon, August 20, 2010

Howdy Hanksteristas!

It's summer, it's Friday, it's early -- it's time for Hankster Summer Friday....! AND -- This just in:

2:45pm - Ed Hornick just posted a really nice article at CNN at noon called Wedge issues divide politicians from independents The article quotes my favorite independent strategist Jackie Salit, president of Here's to get you started:

Washington (CNN) -- The current ruckus over building an Islamic center and mosque near ground zero, calls to change the 14th Amendment and other so-called "wedge" issues are roiling up each party's base, but they're turning off independents, analysts say.

"This is party politics as usual with respect to all of these wedge issues," said Jacqueline Salit, president of, a national strategy and organizing center for independents. "I think there's more and more of a steady recognition that these kind of wedge issues and political manipulation, sensationalism and opportunism is exactly what is degrading the American political process and our democracy."  [Read the rest of the article here.]

3:20pm - Next up:
Remember the group I told you about that my group had a date with a couple of Fridays ago? Well, I just heard that one of the members of their group has died of cancer. They are working on a fundraiser in his honor that would benefit the American Cancer Society for sometime after Labor Day. I have agreed to spread the word. Look for updates...

4:35: Ok, heading off to Lenora Fulani's interview with Charlie Rangel.

More later.... Video at 11 (or whatever...)

Have a good Friday Night!

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