Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Live Blogging Jackie Salit's National Conference Call for Independent Voters: After California and Before the Midterms

UPDATE: Utah independent organizer Randy Miller live-blogged Salit national conference call:

Randy Miller keep building from the bottom up! keep going and stay tuned to or email -- listen to fairness doctrine radio show or 8:59

Independent groups CUIP is motivating, training and supporting an activist network of independent leaders who are building throughout the country.AL, Independent Alabama

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Randy Miller

Randy Miller if there is a single thing that I have learned in 30 years of independent organizing...only happens from the bottom up.....status of popularity of prez...biggest change Obama made under current circumstances was to get elected...powerful role by indies....thenceafter agenda determined by existing realities and little he could thriving on what groups angry at prez and how....challenge for bottom up is to change political realities 8:58

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Randy Miller

Randy Miller bottom up movement (in NYC) forced issue onto the stage of non-partisan elections --- caused split in good government union, whole political conversation was changed not because of editorial boards but because of organizing and political power of bottom up independent movement JS 8:55

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Randy Miller

Randy Miller politically active college students had to confront new questions and issues
should independents have the right to participate in the politcal process
significant and practical political question 8:53

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Randy Miller

Randy Miller ‎"41% of American College students identify themseleves as independents" JS 8:52

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Randy Miller

Randy Miller ‎"partisan players don't want to overcome partisanship, they thrive on it" Jackie Salit 8:51

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JS is still speaking, now about the bi-partisan, nonpartisan, and move beyond labels...

JS: The 2 party system crisis is not being covered by the press... 40% of American voters are independent...
Let's reorganize our ability to reform our structural political reform...
The political parties will not reform...

8:38: JS: what is the CUIP wing of the independent movement trying to achieve? Christian Amanpour saying 2 types of unemployment, says "long time decay",,,

Jackie is talking about medical health and some personal issues of the economic crisis.

8:34 - Nancy Ross setting up the call for Jackie to speak on the call... Open primaries in California big break. Midterms -- independents are concerned about the process.  Activists are knocking on doors.. Jackie Salit has built a large national network...


8:30 - People are logging in from around the country. Certainly one of the most exciting parts of this call....

Here's the link

Hey Hanksteristas!

Live from Queens New York

I'll be live-blogging Jackie Salit's national conference call starting at 8:30 EDT (about an hour from now).

Please check back. And chime in -- email, twitter, facebook - etc!

Topic for tonight's call is After California and Before the Midterms: If Independents Hold the Key, What Door Do We Want to Unlock?



Randy Miller said...

I live blogged some highlights on the facebook event page as well:!/event.php?eid=143878035636095&index=1

Nancy Hanks said...

Excellent! Wish we could get a transcript of this one -- very important for independents across the nation!