Wednesday, August 18, 2010



  • Proposition 14 Supporters Seek to Intervene in California Lawsuit (Ballot Access News) Field v Bowen, has a hearing on the substantive issues on September 14.  However, a preliminary skirmish in that lawsuit will occur on August 24, when a Superior Court in San Francisco will hold a hearing on whether three supporters of Proposition 14 may intervene in the lawsuit.
  • PROPOSITION 14 (Sac Bee/Capitol Alert) Plaintiff Richard Winger, publisher of Ballot Access news, and Stop Top Two founder Christina Tobin will be on hand for the 10:30 a.m. news conference at the Capitol's south steps (Tuesday)
  • Let independents vote (BY JOSEPH FOX, ORMOND BEACH, LETTER Daytona Beach News Journal) These are the voters who are in the best position to put country ahead of party.
  • Arizona boasts over 3 million voters in time for primary elections (By: Imani Randolph, ABC 15) The Independent Party saw the largest gain in registered voters. It grew by 25,674 members, all of whom are able to vote in the primary election.... Independent and unaffiliated voters are permitted to participate in Arizona's Primary Election, provided that they choose a ballot of the party of their choice: Republican, Democratic or Green. Selecting a party's ballot does not automatically re-register an Independent with that political party.
  • Independents' ranks grow as Arizona voter signup spikes (Howard Fischer, Capitol Media Services, East Valley Tribune) The disdain for organized parties seems to have taken roughly equal bites out of both the Democrats and the Republicans. At the 2000 primary, Democrats comprised 39 percent of those registered. That figure is now down to 32.3 percent. And Republicans saw their share of registered voters drop from 44.3 percent a decade ago to just 36.1 percent now. The change has occurred during the time when Arizona law was changed to give independent voters a voice in primaries.
  • Colorado voters should consider a Top Two Open Primary (By Bill Grant, Grand Junction Sentinel)
  • What’s wrong with party primaries (The Tonawanda News)
  • Welcome to the 'Jungle' Primary in Washington (The Atlantic) Washington is the only state to conduct its federal primaries this way, except for California, which passed a ballot measure in June enacting the "top-two" or "open" primary system in future election cycles. Louisiana holds "top-two" primaries for its state and local candidates, but did away with the practice for federal elections after 2006.
  • Como Submits Signatures for "Tax Cuts Now" Line (By Chris Bragg, City Hall News) Como sought to create the new line after his failure to win the Independence Party line, which instead went to Addabbo after a dispute over Como’s use of signature gatherers from the rival Independence Party of New York City.
  • Members Project® from American Express: Philanthropy Charges Ahead (by Caroline Stanley, This week we’re focusing on All Stars Project, Inc., a non-profit that creates outside of school, educational, and performing arts activities for thousands of poor and minority young people.
  • Term-Limits Plan in New York City Is Criticized (By JAVIER C. HERNANDEZ, NY Times) “It waters down the good work we did on term limits,” said Anthony Perez Cassino, a lawyer on the commission. “People will feel, ‘It comes into effect so far into the future that I really didn’t get back what I thought I was getting back, which is the opportunity to have my say in how government should work.’ ”
  • A Little Light Reading: Proposed Amendments To The City Charter (BY CELESTE KATZ, Daily News/Daily Politics) "The Grapes of Wrath" it's not...
  • ‘Inexpicable Blunder’ Marks Report on Term Limits in City (By HENRY STERN, Special to the NY Sun) If the people are to regain the right to limit Councilmembers' terms, their decision should be put into effect at the next Council election, which may be in 2011 or 2013, depending on when census data is reported.
  • The Secret Campaign of Mayor Mike (By Aram Roston, NY Observer/Politicker) Mr. Ognibene, who has since made peace with Mr. Haggerty, says he thinks the DA's case is based on a flawed premise. "I believe the mayor was trying to get money to John for the services he rendered," Mr. Ognibene told The Observer. "And that the mayor was aware that John had needs concerning buying his father's estate, and this was the mayor's way of funneling money to him."

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