Friday, August 27, 2010

Hankster Summer Friday: Live-blogging Friday Afternoon, August 27, 2010

Howdy Hanksteristas!  It's Friday, it's really really pleasant here in NYC, and it's still summer!

Here's some of what I'm mulling over right now... And please chime in -- what are you thinking about? Email or twitter NancyHanks or facebook NancyHanks. You know the drill... 

So anyways:

It's floodin' down in Texas
All the telephone lines are down

Stevie Ray Vaughn - I was rummaging around on Hankstertube last night among my favorited music videos and couldn't help but appreciate a recording posted on YouTube from a performance of Stevie Ray Texas Flood (the long version!) posted 3 years ago by gabriel, which seems to be from 1983 when the album came out. The YT notes from gabriel says, in part: Texas Flood is an electric blues album by blues guitarist Stevie Ray Vaughan and his band Double Trouble, released in 1983.  Anyway, If you don't know Stevie Ray Vaughn, no time like the present!

h/t to for picking this up.

6:34 pm the telephones are down in Queens NY but -- the twitter lines are open and this just in from TheIndyExpress (Congrats on the new wordpress blog!) btw -- TheIndyExpress was this week's "Now THAT's Good Bloggin'" feature on The H....

As an independent moderate, I decided to research and locate the entire poll report.  I went to the source at The Pew Research Center.    I appreciate that Pew lists the questions asked in the poll and describe how they were asked.  Anyone who has experience with polls know that how the question is constructed can control the responses.   I am also impressed with the transparency in the Pew Report.   Keep in mind, the poll was taken before President Obama made the remarks about the proposed Muslim facility near Ground Zero in NYC and samples 3,003 registered voters.  The media barrage on the issue did not affect the poll results....

Check it out... and in the meantime.....

Well clouds are rollin'
m standin out in th rain...

Goin where the sun shines every day.... oh yeah....

7:00 pm -- Now from one of my favorite southern poets Evan who submitted this:

Ode to Dylan

The times they are a-changin' the prophet once sang
For the young voice of legions that fervently rang.
And what is left today of that youthful plea
But the trampled remnants of the disenfranchised?
Quietly subjected to their own reality
Which they'd not then known but later recognized.
That prophet got rich in his bargain with fate –
The modern reward for good propheteering –
And all those who raged at society's gate
Remembered that voice at their own inner hearing
As they slowly succumbed to the middle-aged rite
That excuses itself from a younger man's fight.

Age makes sorry victims of its own ideals –
The hard youth's promise to a softer notion yields.
The heavy weight of yesterday reveals its burden.
The sparks that lit the fire of change soon change as well
And the youth that once rebelled is brought back in
Absorbed at last by what it thought it would dispel.
The lure of sirens even stronger than tradition
Force tradition into yet more binding ties
Than even fore-doomed prophets in their raw condition
Ever summoned through the novelty of their young eyes.
The high-flown words of youth must change before its deeds --
And thus to every hope of change tradition leads.

The times changed on top and a generation thought
It had shifted perspectives on the war it fought
But the reasons for another war were soon in place
Right behind the demonstrations that opposed it.
But now the generation had an older face
And they themselves became the force that had proposed it.
What is the net change in the changes we concede?
The Word is still God for those who believe it.
What age has not seen its own youth at long last lead
The scores of unbelievers who could not conceive it?
The old gods are as binding as they've always been
The times are always changin' – but where do we begin?

Thanks Evan!

7:20pm The times -- and even the notion of time -- is always a-changin' -- you can't keep fixin' the same old self --  when *the self* doesn't exist....

Next up: dinner and then upcoming conversations with independent grassroots organizers... stay tuned!

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