Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Democratic Conundrum Indeed!

The Cuomo Conundrum: Can the King and the Court Find a Way to Get Along?

.....For the presumptive governor-who is currently the beneficiary of garish approval ratings, an overstuffed war chest, and a positive, bad-guy-slaying narrative in the media-the perpetual problem still looms of what to do about the Legislature. He says that his campaign, pledge included, is designed to create a groundswell of support for reforms like nonpartisan redistricting and campaign finance restrictions, which will in turn put pressure on the complacent senators and assembly members to change or perish......

"I have never seen the pledge," said Assemblyman Keith Wright, at a rally opposing nonpartisan elections last Thursday afternoon. "But I usually don't sign pledges."
Mr. Wright, who doubles as Manhattan's Democratic chair, had just peeled away from an array of Democratic officials gathered on the steps of City Hall, who were baking in the mid-afternoon sun.
While the partisans wiped their brows and fiercely defended the prerogative of the Democratic Party, the top of the ticket was upstate, pledging to clean up a government that's already controlled by Democrats....... (Reid Pillifant, NY Observer)

Love it!

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