Friday, June 06, 2008

Conversations on Obama Accomplishment

And what happens to those independent voters who want nothing to do with the Clintons? (Gloria Borger, "It's Not About You, Hillary")

A Barack Obama presidency would not be a continuation of any long and noble crusade by the political Left against racism. If anything, it would atone for the Left’s history of participation in the distant travesties that it now, in such cowardly fashion, blames on others. (Daniel J. Flynn, "America's Racist Left")

The muted euphoria stands in stark contrast to the raw, public elation displayed by black Americans in historic moments past: When Joe Louis knocked out Max Schmeling in 1938, or when the Supreme Court said in 1954 that segregation in public education could not stand. (Errin Haines, "Stifled joy from blacks on Obama win")

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