Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Hankster Top Cities

Ok, we're down to the hard core! Obama clinches the Dem primary. McCain is pretty much a dud, neither fish nor fowl. No independent stepping forward. What next?
Political reform.
If the American people don't have a voice, nothing will change in this country.
Personally, I don't see how Obama doesn't win the general election. Too much on the plus side. Committment to getting out of Iraq. Interest in "reaching across the aisle" -- even an interest in reaching OUTSIDE the aisle... And what a great statement by the American people (as my friend Sameh Abdelaziz noted today on his OpEdNews piece ) to side up with the progressive, anti-war, anti-machine, African American candidate!!

We independents would do well to be mindful right now about the desire of the Democrats to take this people-based movement into their partisan orbit. Hopefully we have learned something over the past umpteen years about that.

As Jackie Salit, President of the Committee for an Independent Movement, put it recently: "This is an exciting time and a challenging time for independent voters and for the independent movement. Independents are now 40% of the electorate. Polls show that 41% of college students consider themselves indies as do 35% of African Americans under the age of 30. Independents have been participating in the presidential primary process in record numbers and have played an integral role in shaping the presidential season...."

We'll see -- in the meantime, keep on keepin' on!

#1 Washington DC
#2 Sacramento CA
#3 New York NY
#4 Atlanta GA
#5 Greenfield WI
#6 Letona AR
#7 Allentown PA

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