Thursday, June 05, 2008


  • Obamamania Has Become A Full-Blown Obsession (WCBS-TV) Shirley Chisholm blazed a trail in 1972. Jesse Jackson and Dr. Lenora Fulani each ran twice, as did Alan Keyes.
  • Lenora Fulani Statement About Obama’s Success (Ballot Access News)
  • CBS Poll: Obama Leads McCain (CBS) McCain leads Obama by 8 points among registered independent voters, considered a key voting block in November
  • McCain no lock in Arizona (The Hill) The state has always been quirkily independent
  • McCain and Obama: a stark matchup-They're both mavericks, but they differ sharply on issues and how to govern. (Christian Science Monitor) Both men hold appeal among independent voters – about a third of the electorate – and whoever wins a majority of them wins in November.
  • Democrats' primary shows how far we've come (Newsday) It's not just about him, and it's not just about race. It's about us, too. Democrats - and the independents and Republican open primary voters who joined them - ventured well beyond the usual boundaries in supporting Obama and Hillary Rodham Clinton.
  • Don't Miss The Moment (This is Me) The setup by Jesse Jackson, Sr. and Lenora Fulani. The spike by Barack Obama.

  • Re-booting democracy in Oregon (The Oregonian)
  • Voters Want Choices. And They Want to Be Heard. That's why Ranked Choice Voting makes so much sense. (Seattle Weekly)

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