Sunday, June 29, 2008


  • Obama has head start in Oregon (Statesman Journal) About 70 "Obama organizing fellows" have poured into Oregon in the past week, out of 3,600 volunteers dispatched nationwide.
  • Colorado: Middle-of-the-road voters steer state (The Denver Post) The state's pragmatic and progressive unaffiliated voters are largely credited — or blamed, depending on whom you ask — for the political conversion.
  • Lawrence voters will play pivotal role in races (Lawrence Journal World) As of June 1, there were approximately 1,645,703 registered voters in Kansas. Republican registration stood at 739,070; unaffiliated at 448,745; and Democrats, 447,419.

  • MN: Petition was sound, council's obligation clear: Let the people vote (
  • FL: Lake County Republicans thwart public's right to vote (Orlando Sentinel) Monkeying with the democratic system is just wrong, regardless of how some Republicans try to justify it.
  • WA voters get first shot at Gregoire-Rossi rematch (Seattle Post Intelligencer) "The voters of the state of Washington have historically believed deeply that it is the people who should be controlling this process, and nobody else," Secretary of State Sam Reed said.

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