Tuesday, June 10, 2008

New York City Independence Party: Voters, not courts, will decide future of the party

The four county chairs of the New York City operation of the Independence Party of New York released the following statement today in response to the Court of Appeals decision to affirm lower court decisions that grant the State Committee the right to authorize non-IP candidates to run on the IP line in the city of New York in all but citywide elections.

"The New York City county organizations continue to control the Independence Party line in citywide elections, including the 2009 races for Mayor, Public Advocate and Comptroller. With our expanding base of support at the local level and thousands of Independence Party members joining county committees in their boroughs, we will continue the fight for democracy in the party. Ultimately, the future of the party will be decided by the voters, not the courts.”


Cathy L. Stewart, Chair, New York County Independence Party

Robert Conroy, Chair, Kings County Independence Party

Gerald Everett, Chair, Queens County Independence Party

Sarah D. LyonsChair, Richmond County Independence Party

The decision has the practical effect of giving power to the State Committee over duly elected County Committees on local matters.

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