Thursday, August 28, 2008

Live-blogging Barack Obama's acceptance speech

6:42pm: Ok, I'm a blogging sucker! I'm home, I've done my grocery shopping and dropped off my dry cleaning, there's a beautiful sunset (as usual) from my studio in Queens NY, and I'm watching CNN. My computer is on.... Why not go ahead and make a few comments on this eve of the final act of the Democratic Party nomination of the candidate who will most likely be the first black president of the US?

So many themes, so little time!

But that's ok, I have CNN and MSNBC and NY1 and FoxNews and all those guys to parse it for me... maybe I'll take a look at some of the blogs as well...

So, join me for a minute or two, and enjoy the sunset!
- Hankstering for you!

6:56pm Ok, it's not that dark, I had the camera set on "twilight"... Also, I can't guarantee that all the pix might end up at the top of the blog... not sure why that is, something about blogger, no doubt.....

7:07pm -- entrance of son(s) and daughter(s) of Martlin Luther King, Jr. after a very moving video (this is the anniversary of the 45th commemorative March on Washington, when MLK gave his "I Have A Dream" speech) and lots and lots of historical emotion.

No doubt this is a great moment for Americans -- black, white, brown, red and yellow. And, just to mention Dr. King was not a Democratic Party spokesperson. He was responding to the need of the community, and helped build a movement that ordinary black people engineered..... (just had to say that....)

7:38 Ok, the pictures are going to appear at the top of the post, and all the words will be down here, but the sunset is really wonderful, so you'll hopefully enjoy it immediately!

7:53 pm Lots of music of the people. It's actually a wonderful production. Not as spectacular as the Beijing Olympics, but hey, we're Americans! What do you want? Philosophy AND syncronized swimming??? (Cheryl Crow singing)

8:26pm What I was trying to say about MLK's I Have a Dream speech is that MLK was a leader of the people, not a party politician. While Barack certainly comes "from the people", as do we all, and not from the Party, his leadership tonight is being recognized by the Party and they're hoping he's one of them and not particulary one of "us" -- the people. There's a big difference in the interests of the people and the interests of the Party. Barack Obama will have to make his way through this.
8:47 Ok, enough of that. I was hoping to hear my friend Omar Ali Tonight Listen live to Omar Ali: Thursday, August 28, 2008 8:35 pm (EST) The Bev Tyler Show http:/ but all I hear is a lot of applause for now speaker Al Gore.... hmmmm.... Omar would no doubt be talking about what independent voters think about his convention....
Ok, let's go see what the stratosblog has to say now:
Alaskans are gathering to view the speech according to
Here's some more rhetoric on how Obama needs to not be rhetorical... at Cross Party Lines...
And meantime, The "Open Primary" Debate Rages On at Free Citizen!
10:23pm Obama is speaking now. High energy from the crowd of course. He's basically re-capping the primary pitch, speaking about and to the people he met while campaigning... There probably won't be anything of note in this speech, but we'll see. I'll be interested to hear if he never utters the words "Democratic Party". He's anti-Republican, anti-McCain, but you don't hear a lot of pro-Democratic Party talk here... "It's time for us to change America and that's why I'm running for President!"

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