Saturday, August 02, 2008


Americans Say It's Important To Develop And Use Solar Energy (Chief Engineer) 98 percent of Independents agree that developing solar power is vital to the United States.

  • OK: More choice, more interest (Muskogee Phoenix) If we really want to increase voter participation, then we need a few things. First, good candidates. Second, open primaries. Oklahoma voters should be able to ask for whichever partisan ballot they would like to vote that election.
  • OR: Nevada activist bets on Oregon voters-Ballot measures - More than $870,000 in support for initiatives this year has come from one man (The Oregonian) The top contributor to Keisling's signature-gathering drive was Brett Wilcox, a former aluminum company executive now developing wind power projects in the Columbia River Gorge. He gave $60,000 toward the measure's signature drive.

  • OR: Republicans losing ground-GOP grip on local House seats loosens as more voters sign on as Democrats (The Gresham Outlook) “Independent voters always play a very significant role come general election day,” said Rebecca Tweed, campaign manager for John Nelsen, the Republican running in District 49.
  • FL: Democrats gain in Lee, independents still difference makers (Naples Daily News) Still, despite their current positions, leaders of both parties acknowledge it will be independents who likely make the difference this fall, as well as in the near future.
  • KS: POLLING INFORMATION (The Morning Sun) The Democratic primary is open. An open primary means both unaffiliated voters and voters affiliated with the Democratic Party may vote that party's ballot. If an unaffiliated voter wants to vote in the Democratic primary, they can request a Democrat ballot at the polls. This does not change their party affiliation status from Unaffiliated to Democrat.

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