Sunday, August 10, 2008


  • Of primary concern: County commission holds hot contests (Bradenton Herald) During the presidential primary, independent voters responded to Florida's closed primary system with an avalance of criticism - maintaining their ballots had been hijacked and they had been disenfranchised.
  • All eyes on Washington's primary (The Oregonian) The Oregon proposal, Measure 65, would eliminate the state's "pick-a-party" primary, which restricts each voter to one party's line of candidates. It's a traditional but essentially undemocratic system that disenfranchises independents, who account for a quarter of Oregon's 2 million registered voters.
  • Open primary initiative may skate through election (The Oregonian)

  • NH: BETTY HALL MEETS THE DEADLINE AND THEN SOME (PRESS RELEASE-Politicker NH) "It is clear to many that the major parties have failed to meet the challenges of our time. A growing new trend away from nonperforming and unaccountable parties is increasingly visible and, in my opinion, much needed. I feel that I can best continue to serve unencumbered by the labels."
  • CO: Deep blue Boulder-Already a Democratic safe zone, Boulder County gets more liberal (Boulder Daily Camera) Unaffiliated voters are also growing in Colorado as a whole, creeping up on the Republican party. Independent voters make up 34 percent of registered voters in the state.
  • CO: In some races, November comes early (Denver Post) Independents, unaffiliated with either major party, are now Colorado's largest group of registered voters, but they'll be shut out of Tuesday's primary elections.

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