Sunday, August 31, 2008



REFORM -- More on Oregon Open Primary!
  • Oregon Open Primary Gives All Voters a Say in Who's on the Ballot in November (by Sal Peralta, The Hankster)
  • Old foe in Poe update (State Journal Register) Cahnman defeated then-Ald. CHUCK REDPATH in the 2006 Democratic primary to get a general-election shot at Poe in the 99th House District. In that race, Cahnman made a push for open primaries in Illinois a key issue. Poe opposed the idea before the primary, but when about 80 percent voted for open primaries in an advisory referendum on Springfield ballots that election, Poe did an about-face.
  • Letter: Open the primary (The Capital-Journal - Kansas City) It is the consent of the governed that grants the power and the money to vote — not the parties.
  • Washington Election '08: Get ready for the main event (Bellevue Reporter) The new system - called the Top Two - no longer guaranteed that a Democrat and a Republican would move on to the general election. In some King County districts, it will be two Democrats vying for the seat.

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Steve Rankin said...

Re the second entry under "Reform": in an open primary, a party's ballot is available to any voter who requests it. In almost every state where one major party has an open primary, the other major party does too (the voter may vote in only one party's primary).

Eight states have "open primary, private choice," in which the primary voter's choice of party is kept secret.

Illinois is one of the 13 states that has "open primary, public record," in which the voter's choice of party is publicly recorded.

What the effort led by Sam Cahnman and others seeks to accomplish is to change Illinois from "open primary, public record" to "open primary, private choice."

Free Citizen