Thursday, August 28, 2008

Oregon Top Two Primary Measure 65/ Recent Washington Primary Results

  • Bradbury announces his bid for governor in 2010 (Politicker OR)
  • Bradbury likely to run for governor in 2010 (Jeff Mapes, The Oregonian) Dem Bradbury (who is being criticized by Repubs) said he will work with a group that is trying to encourage other states to adopt Oregon's vote-by-mail system.
  • Why have primary elections? (West Seattle Herald) The real question is why we have these elections. One obvious reason was to wrest and keep control out of political party hands.
  • In Our View: Top two primary is a huge success (The Columbian) The warning about Washington state’s top two primary echoed off the Cascades with near-hysterical alarm: “We could end up in the general election with two candidates from the same party! Oh, my gosh!”.... It is not the parties’ sacred nominating process; it is the people’s semifinals leading up to the November finals.
  • Top-two primary (LETTERS to Seattle Times)
  • The morning after the Washington primary (Jeff Mapes, The Oregonian) it's more likely that you would see two candidates of the same party advancing not in a swing district, but in a heavily Democratic or Republican district.
  • Top-two primary: So much for THAT argument (Kari Chisholm, Blue Oregon)
  • All Working to Plan in the 27th Legislative District (Tacoma News Tribune/Political Buzz) Opponents of the Top Two primary predicted all sorts of funny business if a system was created that let two candidates from the same party to advance to the general election. But the only race in the state where something out of the ordinary is taking place is in Tacoma's 27th.
  • Editorial: ‘Top two’ primary is fairest of them all (Corvallis Gazette Times)

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