Sunday, August 17, 2008


  • Voters Want Barr, Nader in Debates (Examiner) Among independent voters, 69% favored Barr's inclusion in the debates. 59% favor having Nader in debate...
  • Independents are loving 2008 (John Laird, The Columbian)

  • Lights out for parties? Tuesday’s top two primary could signal a new political era for Washington state (The Columbian) “Parties have no constitutional right to be part of the primary system,” says former Oregon Secretary of State Phil Keisling
  • Washington voters offer preview to Oregon’s Measure 65 (The Register-Guard) Joseph Cornwell, vice chairman of the Libertarian Party of Oregon, said his counterparts in Washington oppose the new format because it makes it harder for third parties to access the general election ballot. “It’s not exciting,” he said. “It’s basically taking a choice away from the voters by pushing out any of the smaller parties.”

  • NORTH CAROLINA: Obama Backers Mobilize in Bid to Wrest State From Republican Grip (New York Times) Democratic registration in the state is soaring, with 45,000 new registrants since May, and 7,000 new Republicans. About 44,000 have registered as unaffiliated.
  • Colorado crucial in presidential race (Vail Daily) Republicans have a slight edge over Democrats in this university town of 130,000, 32 percent to 30 percent. But the dominant voting bloc are the unaffiliated voters with 38 percent.

LOCAL INDEPENDENT NEWS: No challenge to Tennessee open primary
  • Memo outlined two courses for Davis to contest primary vote (Kingsport Times News)
  • Davis Concedes Primary to Roe (Bristol Herald Courier) Tennessee Republican Party officials voiced relief that Davis decided against a messy squabble over state election law.
  • Davis concedes, says delay designed to point out that Roe won with 'illegal votes' (Kingsport Times News)

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