Thursday, August 28, 2008


  • CUIP Wins the Right to Intervene in Idaho Republican Case (Ballot Access News) Independents have legal standing as defendants in effort to exclude independents from primary
  • Democrats gain ground, but GOP still rules in AZ (Arizona Star) And the number and share of those not interested in affiliating with any of the recognized parties went up by nearly 94,000. They now total more than 27.1 percent of eligible voters, and they will be eligible to vote in Tuesday's primary, under a state law that allows them to select which party's primary they want to participate in.

Gerrymandering a key culprit in California budget mess-Proposition 11, which would strip the Legislature of its power to draw state Senate and Assembly district lines, is desperately needed. (George Skelton, Capitol Journal, LA Times)

  • Alaskan Independence Party Does Well in Blanket Primary (Ballot Access News)
  • What happened to Pat in 2000?-Third Partyism (NorCal Council of Concervative Citizens) Russ Verney once chaired the New Hampshire Democratic Party and secretary Jim Mangia was a (albeit fairly moderate and low-key) gay-rights activist..... He also should have not have gotten involved with Lenora Fulani.
  • Fuuniest News of the Election Season (Riley Dad's Weblog) In 1988, the Democratic and Republican Parties missed a similar Indiana deadline. Lenora Fulani sued the State Election Board to force the Board to enforce the deadline.... This year, the Texas Libertarian Party and Bob Barr are the only ballot-listed presidential candidates on the Texas ballot, so the Texas Libertarian Party could, if it wished, bring a lawsuit. However, the result of the lawsuit would probably be to get the deadline declared unconstitutional; no court would order that Obama and McCain be kept off the ballot.

Golisano Goes National, Backs Obama (NY Daily News/Daily Politics)

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