Saturday, April 29, 2006

Alabama: What's wrong with this poll?....

Presidential malaise affects state attitudes

Friday, April 28, 2006By Bob Martin, Editor &Publisher

For the first time in months Survey USA's 50-state polling shows that a majority of Alabamians polled (51percent) give President Bush an unfavorable rating vs. 46 percent who give him favorable marks. The polling sampled 600 registered voters in the state and was conducted April 7-9. Last month the results were exactly the reverse of these percentages.
In only four states does the president get more favorable marks than unfavorable...Utah, Wyoming, Idaho and Nebraska. The range is from 55-40 percent favorable in Utah to 74-24 percent unfavorable in Rhode Island. The average nationwide is 61-36 unfavorable. The media sponsor in Alabama for Survey USA is WKRG-TV in Mobile.
In another poll conducted April 11-13 and April 18, 19, Montgomery's Capital Survey Research Center results are even worse, showing that if he could run again the president would receive only 35.7 percent of the vote in Alabama. Anybody other than the Mr. Bush would get 51.6 percent.
The Capital survey poll, for the first time in four years, shows that more of the voters surveyed statewide (46.5 percent) think of themselves as Democrats vs. 43.4 percent who think of themselves as Republicans. Surprisingly, only 4.3 percent deem themselves Independents. 5.8 percent don't know or didn't reply. ....

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