Friday, April 21, 2006

Polls, Polls, Polls

Fox News and National Journal's latest Political Insiders polls are raising questions about party affiliation

By Lee Russ, Section News Posted on Fri Apr 21, 2006
.....That's approaching some dangerous territory: a hair less than two thirds of your own party approve of you, barely 10% of the opposition party approves of you, and slightly more than a quarter of independents approves of you. You is not doing well. And needless to say, the overall 33% approval is the lowest ever in the Fox poll.
What does this mean for the next election? National Journal's latest
Political Insiders poll offers further clues. This is a poll of 133 insiders--65 Democrats and 68 Republicans--chosen because of their supposed "insider" knowledge of politics, campaigns, and elections......

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