Friday, April 28, 2006

Kentucky: Purge of voter roles shows independent voter registration down slightly but not down as much as the Dems & Repubs (that's slicin')

Purges reduce number of local voters
By Gleaner staffApril 28, 2006--The number of registered voters in Henderson County eligible to vote in the May 16 primary totals 28,179, the state Board of Elections announced.
That's a decline of 946 voters compared with the November 2004 election. ...Kentucky: More than 2.7 million citizens are eligible to vote in the primary.
Registrations totaled 2,709,959, down from the 2,794,286 in November 2004.
Democrats statewide total 1,548,443, while Republicans total 989,499 and independents total 172,017.
Republicans increased their percentage of registered voters by 0.84% since November 2004. Democrats and independent voters declined by 0.67% and 0.17%, respectively. ....more

WANNA KNOW WHY ONLY 6% of Kentucky voters are independent????
--The current law in Kentucky makes clear that voters should have the right to register and declare that they don't want to join a party - but the current Voter Registration form dosen't allow for that. It is one more example of the partisan bias in the system. In response to your signature, the Board of Elections agreed to count the number of independents registered to vote. But that's not what we're asking for! We want the Board of Elections to include a category for those of us who don't want to be a member of a party. We're mobilizing hundreds of independents to change this and pave the way to grow the independents movement in Kentucky. The Kentucky Committee for an Independent Voice is organizing a campaign for independents to speak out. You can help.

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