Tuesday, April 25, 2006


Thanks to Harry Kresky (see Queens Councilman Avella will not seek Assembly Seat-Apr. 24) and Rumour (News Headlines-Apr. 24) and Linda Curtis (Friedman, Strayhorn Think Past 45,540-Apr. 18) for your comments!

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Watch for a new feature "It Bears Repeating..." - today's is a great article by Univ of Maryland student Jay Nargundkar.

* Redistricting Act II - now let's try the Dem version... (Mercury News)
* Kinky, Carole and the battle for the ballot (Dallas Morning News)
* Strayhorn accused of playing politics with her position (Herald Democrat)
* Maine: Portland gov debate brings out 7 candidates, 100 audience (Press Herald)
* Rhode Island: will indies and Dems switch to give Chafee win over Laffey? (Providence Journal)
* Virginia: Indies split 50/50 on performance of new Dem gov Kaine (Richmond Times Dispatch)
* Georgia: Racial divide supported by redistricting, Voting Rights Act (Atlanta Journal Constitution); Cynthia McKinney, controversial incumbent (CQ Politics)
* Connecticut: Greens field first ever state-wide slate, vow court fight for public funding for third parties (New Haven Independent)
* Bush, the Repubs and the economy (CQ Politics)
* Juliet Eilperin new book "Fight Club Politics: How Partisanship is Poisoning the House of Representatives" (Huffington Post)

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