Monday, April 24, 2006

Independents not confident in present or likely future economic leadership...

No Consensus on Trusted Leader to Manage U.S. Economy
New Fed chairman least likely to be viewed in partisan terms
by Lydia Saad
Apr. 24, 2006
...A majority of Republicans are confident in the economic leadership of President Bush and the Republican leaders in Congress, but most independents and Democrats take the opposite view. Similarly, Democrats tend to view the Democratic leaders in Congress positively, but independents and Republicans do not..... It is unclear how long it would take Bernanke to achieve Greenspan's prominence in the role of Fed chairman, if that's even possible. Greenspan, who was originally appointed by Ronald Reagan in 1987, held the position for nearly 20 years and served both Republican and Democratic administrations. But Bernanke's initial confidence ratings represent an auspicious beginning for him. At least they are fairly nonpartisan relative to those of Bush and congressional leaders....more

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