Sunday, April 30, 2006

Massachusetts: Repub Lt. Gov Kerry Healey goes after independents

Watch out, Democrats
By Joan Vennochi
Boston Globe ColumnistApril 30, 2006 BE AFRAID, Democrats. Lieutenant Governor Kerry Healey is not a great, natural politician, nor that inspiring a speaker. But she is good enough to become the next governor.
In 2006, Bay State Republicans are offering independent voters the same alluring message they first offered in 1990 -- fiscal restraint and a check against so-called tax-and-spend Democrats. And this time, the messenger fills a category of her own -- thin, blonde, rich, and very determined..... Just like Weld in 1990, Healey is going for independent voters and for the women's vote. To beat her, Democrats must deny her one of those constituencies. It may not be as easy as they want to believe....

'I ask you to stand with us in this election.'Kerry Healey, Republican nominee for governor Boston GlobeApr. 30, 2006 With only 13 percent of the state's voters registered as Republicans, Healey will have to draw on her socially moderate, fiscally conservative views to win over independent voters, who make up roughly half the state's electorate. Much as Governor Mitt Romney rode support from independents into the corner office in 2002, Healey is reaching out to largely suburban voters -- high-tech workers along Interstate 495, the ''soccer moms and dads" on the North and South shores -- fearful of more Democratic dominance..... more

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