Saturday, April 29, 2006

New York: Weld seeks Libertarian line so Dems don't have to vote for him on Repub line--cachet?

Weld seeks uncharted course to governor through Libertarian Party
Associated Press Writer
NY Newsday
April 28, 2006
ALBANY, N.Y. -- Republican Bill Weld, who thrived as an unconventional governor in heavily Democratic Massachusetts, is trying to take an unconventional route to New York governor's mansion on Saturday by seeking the endorsement of Libertarian Party members...."I think he's anticipating the problem with the Conservative Party designation and wants to offset that in some way," said Lee Miringoff, head of Marist College's Institute for Public Opinion. "A win is a win and he wants to win something going into the GOP convention" May 31-June. "I think he wants to build up some ballot status and cachet." ..... Although the Conservative Party has 154,614 enrolled members, almost 200 times the Libertarians, the value of a third party to Republicans in the state dominated by Democrats can extend beyond enrollment figures. The third line gives a candidate a way for Democrats to choose a Republican without voting Republican.

Democratic front-runner Eliot Spitzer, the attorney general, has wide leads in the polls against his Democratic opponent, Nassau County Executive Tom Suozzi, as well as Weld and Faso. All are still seeking the nomination of the Independence Party, the state's third largest party..... more

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