Sunday, April 30, 2006

What Tim Roemer's plea to Dems left out: independent voters

Tim Roemer's "Had Enough?" Campaign Not Enough

By Steve ClemonsTPM Cafe blog Apr. 29, 2006 I like Tim Roemer, the former Congressman from Indiana who now is President of the Center for National Policy as well as his staff -- but I have to give him some push back on his New York Times op-ed this morning.... What Roemer neglects is, that unlike 1946, there are more declared Independents than either Republicans or Democrats today -- and more independent-leaning and independent-minded Republicans and Democrats than the American political scene has witnessed in a century.
These Independents can't be wooed by celebrations of how bad the Bush administration has been. They want to see better ideas and proposals put on the table....

Yes, and... Is being independent enough? What do independents and independent-minded voters need to do to support a more positive direction for our country? Let us know what you think!


Anonymous said...

Good question.

What do independents need to do?

First I would say they need NOT to become a "party" that exist for the sake of the "party' like the other two parties.

Is there a way they could avoid this?

Maybe independents could be the "listening to the people party" and keep out the career politicans and find a way to raise money support to independents getting hear by the public without actually being a "political machine" or putting out absolute platforms of it's own. In other words not say this is what ALL independents believe or "must" believe on issues to be an independent. Maybe just formulate a "standard of good governing" and then let the personal differences on issues fall where they may within it.

How you do that I don't know.


N. Hanks said...

Carroll - thanks for your very thoughtful response. I think your idea that independents could be the "listening to the people" party is great! There are independents all over the country who are doing something - with other independents. Go onto the Committee for a Unified Independent Party website at to find activists in your area. Or email me and I'll find out who you can call where you are.