Thursday, April 20, 2006

Introducing the Purple Party

A Third Party for America? New York Magazine's stealth-coverage of independent politics

By Kurt Andersen
Depressed about the Democrats? Revolted by the Republicans? You’re not alone. Here in New York (with its Republican mayor and Democratic voters), a third way is being plotted. Follow the purple brick road.....

Building the Frankencandidate
Jon Stewart and everyone else knows the two-party system and its denizens are hopelessly, comically broken. And the condition is probably terminal. So how to breathe life back into politics? With a new kind of candidate, someone we haven’t met, but who seems strangely familiar. he purple-brick road. ...

But Is a Third Party Possible?
Don’t look now, but factors like fund-raising on the Net and a new tribe of activist billionaires make a third party more possible than it has been in decades.
By Ryan Lizza

Ladies and Gentlemen, the Next President and Vice President . . . (Not necessarily in that order) To create the perfect Purple Party people, we ran some of those listed on these pages through the computer, and these are the ones the machine came up with. They’re not gorgeous—but would you trust them if they were?

The Third Man
Michael Bloomberg is the blueprint for a great purple candidate. And his top political adviser is pushing him to run.
By Chris Smith

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