Wednesday, April 26, 2006


Welcome Jason Olson, a new contributing editor on The Hankster! (Would you like to cover independent politics for The Hankster in your area? Email me!)

Be sure to read Harry Kresky's letter to the Washington Times posted yesterday. And let us know what you think!
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* Vallone Sr. endorses Cuomo for AG (Queens Times Ledger)
* DCCC backs Arcuri over Roberts in New York-24 to replace Boehlert, Les Roberts is the DP outsider (The Hill)
* Interview with Libertarian congressional candidate Michael Badnarik (Enter Stage Right)
* Online survey shows 59% support for Kinky (Daily Texan - Univ of TX)
* Massachusetts: Rep gov candidate wants debate with all gen election candidates (CBS Boston)
* Washington DC: MD indie US Senate candidate Kevin Zeese speaks at DC Anti-War Network forum "Is the Israel Lobby Promoting War on Iran?" (American Chronicle)
* West Virginia: Biggest growth in voter registration is "no party" independents (Charleston Gazette)
* Independents say partisan control will be an issue in mid-term elections (Ft. Wayne Journal Gazette)
* Tony Blankley thinks Bush-Schumer agreement is disturbing (Washington Times)
* First ever Gallup poll on a first lady: We like Laura! (Contra Costa Times)
* Mexico: Leftist presidential front-runner, Andrés Manuel López Obrador object of negative ad campaign including links to Hugo Chavez, independent voters shifting to conservative Felipe Calderón (NY Times, with links to articles on Chavez)
* Family Therapy: An Intimate History (Lynn Hoffman)
* Performing Psychology (ed. Lois Holzman)

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