Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Online survey shows 59% support for Kinky

Kinky polls well in local online survey
Opponents dismiss results as "as scientific as a video game"
By Kevin M. Callahan
The Daily Texan (UT)
Apr. 26, 2006
More than 59 percent of polled Texans plan to vote for independent candidate Kinky Friedman in the upcoming Texas gubernatorial elections, according to an ongoing online survey on the Austin Business Journal and San Antonio Business Journal Web sites.... A recent poll by Zogby International, a polling firm that operates globally, has Perry at 36 percent, Bell at 21 percent, Strayhorn at 19 percent and Friedman at 17 percent.... more

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Kevin M. Callahan said...

Hankster, thanks for posting my article. Nice to see it spread!