Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Big flap over Harlem Obama results: Does "0" stand for Obama in Charlie Rangel's district????

How far would you go to preserve your relationships with the Clintons?

Bloomberg's allegation from Politico's Ben Smith: New York Mayor Mike Bloomberg yesterday alleged "fraud" in the unofficial count of New York City's votes, which left Obama with zero votes in 80 election districts....

And I like the tone of the Brad Blog's Bloomberg Charges 'Fraud' in NYC Primary, But Believes 'No Legal Issue at Stake'
"New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg has used the "F" word to describe what may have taken place when zero votes were registered for Barack Obama during unofficial results at nearly 80 precincts in New York City on Super Tuesday, including several in heavily African-American areas such as Harlem....."

As Brad notes, Daily Kos says "And the problems are being caught and corrected, so no need to hyperventilate." Hmmm.... no need for concern, folks, the problems are being corrected...!!

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