Tuesday, February 05, 2008

California Dem Primary: African American, Latino and independent voters

[From Forbes Trailwatch]
Only 12% of California’s likely Democratic voters are African American, and the latest Field Poll shows they favor Obama 55% to 19%. This means that for the Illinois Senator to win this state on Feb. 5, he will have to make inroads into other subgroups.

Clinton still has the lead among all registered Democrats in California, 37% to 31%. Californian Latino voters are one of Obama’s biggest challenges. That group, a bloc that is growing in power, comprises 20% of California’s Democratic voting population. Clinton has a sizeable lead among Latinos, with a 52% to 19% advantage.

Independent voters could also play a crucial role in the Democratic race in California, where Democrats--but not Republicans--allow independents to vote in their primary. This group, 13% of those expected to vote tomorrow, favor Obama 54% to 32%.

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