Thursday, February 21, 2008


WISCONSIN: Voting gap divides the parties (Milwaukee Journal Sentinel) When those proportions are applied to the total state vote, about 311,000 self-identified independents voted Democratic, while about 94,000 voted Republican. Put another way, about 77% of the independents went to the Democratic side.

TEXAS: Texas Latino community plays hard to get (Politico) Texas Hispanic turnout in the last presidential election offers a glimpse into an electorate that is anything but monolithic: 57 percent were Democrats, 26 percent were Republicans and almost 16 percent were Independents. Hispanic independents will be a key target, said Gonzalez, who endorsed Obama last week.

PENNSYLVANIA CLOSED PRIMARY: 3rd-party voters get reminder -- independents cannot vote in PA primary (Wilkes Barre Times Leader)

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