Saturday, February 09, 2008

Live-blogging the CNN coverage of Louisiana Primary

Broadcasting from New Orleans, Suzanne Malreaux, with Candy Crowley in Richmond, they are now showing Bill Clinton in Richmond trying to drum up African American support for Clinton ( Live video]. Sen. Obama is now in Bangor, Maine....

Low Turnout in Louisiana Worries Obama Camp:
By Anne E. Kornblut, The Caucus/New York Times: Reports of low turnout in Louisiana caused a wave of concern in the Obama campaign on an otherwise smooth primary and caucus day in four states on Saturday. Although Sen. Barack Obama is expected to fare well in Louisiana, where about 45 percent of registered Democrats are African American, low turnout could drive down his numbers. The state has 66 delegates for the Democratic nomination.....

High turnouts in Neb., low in La. for Dems:
By Chris Good The Hill
The Nebraska Democratic Party is reporting “incredibly high turnouts” in its presidential caucuses Saturday, while the Louisiana Democratic Party predicted low turnout for its primary Saturday afternoon.

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