Monday, February 11, 2008


HANKSTER LEDE: Wisconsin Group for an Independent Voice: Champions for those who ignore party lines (Journal Times) quotes George Penn and Mary Gesteland

INDEPENDENT VOTERS: The Emerging Crisis in American Politics (Douglas Schoen, The Peoples Voice) * Getting to 270-Can John McCain win in November? (John Fund, Wall Street Journal)

MARYLAND: A slow uphill battle-Independents and third parties growing in Frederick County (Frederick News-Post)

MAINE: Obama takes Maine-Locals back winner (Seacoast Online)

OBAMA: Barack Obama Sweeps Weekend Elections, Turns Eye Toward Tuesday’s ‘Potomac Primary’ (Associated Press and "Sen. McCain's ability to rally conservatives while keeping moderates and independents in the fold are key factors in determining whether he will in fact be the new standard bearer of the Republican party." NOTE: Not all independents belong in Sen. McCain's fold. It's a bit like herding cats.... AND: * COUNTDOWN 2008: Obama's youthquake: IS THE SENATOR LEADING A MOVEMENT, OR JUST AN INTERESTING CAMPAIGN? (By Richard Halicks, The Atlanta Journal-Constitution)

BLOOMBERG: Mayor Quiet on Bid. Senator Not So Much. (NY Times) * Analysis: Silence Is Bloomberg Trademark (By SARA KUGLER, AP)

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