Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Super Tuesday in Harlem: Insurgent Inroads

In the end, Mr. Obama appeared to have carried the city’s African-American vote, winning in three of the four majority-black Congressional districts, but losing in Harlem – the bastion of the old political guard. (Clinton Wins Here But Power Revolt Splits New York As Senator Takes State, Obama's Insurgents Challenge the Harlem Lions, Politicker)

Gotham Gazette has percentages for Clinton/Obama in New York City Congressional Districts, and Elizabeth Benjamin has the vote totals on The Daily Politics. Obama won 3 CDs -- the 10th and 11th in Brooklyn, and the 6th in Queens, and came within 8 points of winning in Charlie Rangel's district in Harlem.

The view from the Chicago Tribune: Like Rangel, most of Harlem's leadership backed Clinton, the New York senator who led the polls for months. But after Obama won over white and black voters in Iowa and South Carolina, the Illinois senator surged in New York polls....

An interesting article from the London Free Press in Canada: AmNews owner Percy Sutton, Congressman Charles Rangel and the dwindling Harlem Clubhouse Democratic power brokers represented the establishment side of the race that stirred up Harlem on this wet, gray Super Tuesday.....

In New York, independents cannot vote in the party primaries.

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