Friday, February 15, 2008

Live-blogging CNN The Situation Room: Charles Barkley, independent, endorses Obama

6:39 pm: Michelle Obama is campaigning in Ohio, hoping to win over some Hillary supporters.... Michelle grew up on the South Side of Chicago, went to Harvard Law also [the whole primary could be seen as a Harvard/Yale game....?]

Clip of Hillary saying words are cheap/Obama saying negative attacks are cheap.... Candy Crowley says we're back to the beginning with the question of who can bring about real change... Superdelegates might switch says Wolf.... Cafferty says this was supposed to be a cake walk for Hillary and it just is not that way.... the Dems will have to go with who the American people say they want or they should be locked up bec. they're a danger to themselves..... Roland Martin says they have to check themselves bec it's still a long road...

6:27 pm: The first coverage of Ron Paul since I don't know when. Paul is still very much in the race, raising money and a lot of it from active-duty military people.

Former Pres. George Bush (the first one) has endorsed McCain -- Cafferty says to get Huckabee to get out.... They're worried about the social conservatives coming out in Texas for Huck. Texas has an open primary...

They come back to the issue of military people supporting Ron Paul who is outspokenly against the Iraq war. Wolf says that's interesting because wouldn't you think that military people would NOT support an anti-war candidate... Cafferty says what's the presumption here, that military people are not as smart as the rest of us...? (My personal opinion is that Cafferty, to his credit, often makes sense because he actually listens to people who write in to him...)

6:19 pm: Basketball great Charles Barkley just endorsed Barack Obama on CNN The Situation Room. Correcting Wolf Blitzer when Wolf said Barkley used to be a Republican and now he's a Democrat, Sir Charles said "What I said was I was rich like a Republican. I'm actually an independent." CNN was broadcasting from New Orleans tonight when Barkley made note of the increasing gulf between rich and poor, as well as speaking out as pro-gay marriage and pro-choice.

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