Monday, February 11, 2008

More Potomac Primary buzz: independents and African Americans will make the difference

From Forbes Trailwatch:
Key to Virginia’s primary: the state’s independent voters, who account for nearly a third of all registered voters, and a group large enough to have a big impact in November. Also pay attention to John McCain’s rhetoric in the Old Dominion tomorrow; the maverick will be doing his best to appeal to centrist independents without alienating the traditional conservative base of his party.

In Maryland, Obama has an even larger lead in the polls: 55% to Clinton’s 33%. Obama can also expect a win in the District of Columbia thanks in large part to the district’s sizeable African-American population. This group propelled Obama to victory in South Carolina. As his campaign has gained traction, African-Americans have shifted even more support towards the Illinois Senator. His expected sweep of the Potomac primaries should be enough to give Obama the lead in pledged delegates.......

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