Sunday, February 10, 2008

Maine, Virgin Islands, Independents and the 2008 Presidential Race

Maine Caucus Sunday Feb 10: Northport and Belfast
An on the spot report from the Northport Town Caucus: there were 84 people, and 88 votes (4 absentee); 64 cast for Obama and 24 for Clinton. The proportional delegates are 3-1 for Obama at 72.7%. The space in the town hall could comfortably accommodate 30 people. My source tells me that at the outset, a lot of independent voters were registering as democrats. (From On Not Being a Sausage)

This from a pro-Hillary blogger on MyDD: Independents Will Abandon Obama The writer, who seems to be quite upset that Barack Obama is even in the race, thinks that independents are registering as Dems in order to skew the vote knowing that McCain can beat Obama when they all switch back to their independent clothes and vote for McCain in the general election..... Talk about conspiracy theory! Whew! I wish independents were THAT organized!!!

Barack Obama Trounces Hillary Clinton In Virgin Islands posted by jclifford
The neglected presidential caucus yesterday was the one that took place in the Virgin Islands. It doesn’t take much work to find that Barack Obama got more of the vote there than Hillary Clinton, but it requires a good amount of digging to discover just how much of the vote Obama got, and how much Clinton got. Major news outlets like MSNBC and CNN bury the information. (From Irregular Times: News Unfit for Print -- worth a visit!!!)

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