Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Independents stick with Obama, McCain

Voters along the campaign trail constantly tell me they want to change the ways of Washington and pick a president who can alter the direction of the country. So why is 71-year-old veteran Senator John McCain headed toward the Republican nomination? And why is Senator Hillary Clinton, who carries heavy baggage from the partisan wars of the ‘90s, taking the lead for the Democratic nomination? (The Swamp - Front Row: Voters seek change but experience wins, by William E. Gibson)

Obama, meanwhile, continued his extraordinary performance among voters concerned about the war in Iraq and those thirsting for change. His continued strength among self-described independent voters fueled his argument that he would be the better general election candidate. (Democrats Choose Different Paths Toward Nomination, Washington Post)

Independent voters nudged Republican John McCain and Democrat Barack Obama to narrow statewide victories in the important presidential testing ground of Missouri. But McCain reaped a much richer reward. ( McCain, Obama win in close Missouri primaries, digitalBURG)

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