Friday, February 22, 2008

"Fraud" in Harlem, or just machine politics as usual?

From the New York Observer's Politicker by Azi Paybarah:

"....Michael Bloomberg's use of the word “fraud” to describe the unofficial, faulty Super Tuesday results from the city Board of Elections is getting lots of attention in lots of very different places, as illustrated here [College Democrats at the University of Wisconsin at Madison] and here [this is The Hankster post] and here [this is Icky, a Chicago-based independent/liberal blog that is worth a look]. ...... Jerry Skurnik still thinks the accusation is bogus. [This is Room 8 -- if you're a New Yorker, or even if you're not.... you want to check out this important -- if bogus -- blog.......]

To read Lenora Fulani's comments on the significance of Super Tuesday and the black vote, see Obama's Wave and the New York Role Reversal in the Daily Voice: "In many respects the New York story could be cast as a simple one - man vs. machine - where the man, Barack Obama and his visionary campaign was outpolled by an entrenched and powerful urban political machine with deep roots in Harlem. It would be that simple story but for the fact that the recent history of black politics in New York City includes a massive and unexpected uprising against the clubhouse by black voters. In 2005, 47 percent of black voters rejected the Democratic Party mayoral candidate and voted for an Independent/Republican Mike Bloomberg instead. This outpouring against politics-as-usual and for nonpartisan political change briefly put New York in the national vanguard of a black electoral revolution. But on Super Tuesday, the roles were reversed....."

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