Sunday, February 10, 2008


HANKSTER LEDE: Independents on the rise-In N.C. and elsewhere, more voters are shunning affiliation with party (Charlotte Observer)

NEW HAMPSHIRE: Biggest winner so far: voter turnout (Los Angeles Times) in NH, biggest registration increase was independent * 'Star-struck lefties'are in good company (Letter to Concord Monitor) independents also supporting Obama

NATIONAL: Whom Will Independents Choose? (By Katharine Q. Seelye, The Caucus/New York Times)

CALIFORNIA: Why GOP selectively restricts its voters-Independents are eligible to cast ballots in all Republicans' primaries – except for president. (Sac Bee) * This year shows why primary system must change (San Francisco Chronicle) * Full count sought of disputed votes in primary (Daily Breeze)

WASHINGTON: Count me out of this primary (John Laird, The Columbian) * Obama beats Clinton 2-1; McCain edges Huckabee (By David Postman, Seattle Times)

LOUISIANA: Voters called in droves Saturday (Shreveport Times) Independents angry at exclusion

BLOOMBERG: Mike's one 'L' of a candidate (NY Daily News)

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