Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Can independents vote today in Maryland, Virginia and Washington DC?

Can you vote today?

According to FairVote, here's the scoop on open and closed primaries:

Washington D.C. (District of Columbia): Only voters registered with the Democratic, Republican, D.C. Statehood Green or Umoja parties can vote in their party's primary. INDEPENDENTS NOT ALLOWED TODAY.

Maryland: Parties can choose to open primaries but both Democrats and Republicans have chosen not to. If a voter does not choose a party, he or she will be recorded as “unaffiliated” and is permitted to vote in any nonpartisan primary in his or her local jurisdiction. INDEPENDENTS NOT ALLOWED TODAY.

Virginia: Parties may choose to nominate by convention rather than by primary election. According to the Virginian Pilot in Hampton Roads, "The primary is open to all registered voters, but each voter can only participate in either the Republican or the Democratic primary." INDEPENDENTS -- YES WE CAN!

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