Friday, February 08, 2008

Utah, Missouri, New York and the Obama Edge

Utah Democrats were split evenly between their presidential candidates, giving independents the chance to hand a primary victory to Sen. Barack Obama. Exit polls conducted for major news outlets show that independents had a major influence in Utah's primary. In the end, Obama claimed 57 percent of the vote, while Sen. Hillary Clinton received 39 percent. The detailed results also included some shockers, such as women favoring Obama over Clinton. The victory gave Obama 14 and Clinton nine of the available 23 delegates...... (Salt Lake Tribune)

Democratic Sens. Barack Obama and Hillary Rodham Clinton will end up evenly splitting the delegates from Missouri's presidential primary, even though Obama narrowly defeated Clinton in the statewide vote.... In complete but unofficial results, Obama received 49 percent of the Democratic vote -- 405,284 compared with 395,287 for Clinton.... (Marshall Democrat-News)

Super Tuesday may not have decided the Democratic or Republican presidential nominations. But it did redraw the map of black politics in some significant ways...... Exit polling picked up this trend for the first time on Super Tuesday. And here are what some of the numbers show. In Massachusetts 33 percent of black voters who cast ballots in the Democratic primary self-identified as independents. In Missouri it was 18 percent. (Obama's Wave and the New York Role Reversal, by Lenora Fulani, The Daily Voice)

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