Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Live-blogging MSNBC Hardball with Chris Matthews 2/12/08: Potomac Primary

5:48pm: Now Eugene Robinson says we're looking at the margins tonight, Obama most likely to win. Tucker Carlson being humorous, saying every single person is voting for Obama. Michelle Bernard, Independent Women's Voice, who lives in Maryland concurs.

USA Today poll: Carlson yes momentum matters; polls among investors (the market polls) are important -- they're saying Obama 70%. Robinson says yes these are important numbers. Matthews says if Hillary can't get higher than 50%, isn't that a problem. Carlson says that's the whole game -- the promise of Obama is a governing coalition that expands the party.

Matthews: what about gender? What will women do? Bernard says Hillary's support is declining. Women like him. She gains no advantage by not doing well tonight... She's looking to Ohio, etc, but not a big change... Robinson -- she needs more support among working class people.

They're joking about Starbucks.... ha ha latte....

Significance: Bernard- if Obama wins tonight, he's the frontrunner, people will think about ROI, can Hillary close the deal?

That's it.

5:43pm Chris Matthews just hosted former Va. Gov. Doug Wilder and former Ohio Sen. and astronomical hero John Glenn, Wilder for Obama and Glenn who has just announced his support for Hillary in Ohio. I think Wilder had the upper hand, bringing up the issue of the economic cost of the war in Iraq and asking for an appology from Sen. Clinton for her vote authorizing Bush going to war.

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