Monday, April 17, 2006

Commissioners asked to refer nonpartisan plan to the voters

Oregon nonpartisan election for Douglas County commissioner should go to voters

JOHN SOWELL, Oregon News Review April 13, 2006

Under the proposal from Citizens for Voter Participation, commissioner candidates would no longer file for office by party affiliation. Voters would choose from among all the candidates for a particular seat and the top two finishers in the primary would advance to the general election.Under the current system, only members of political parties are allowed to participate in partisan races in the primary.“We want to expand the number of voters who can participate in (the primary) election. That’s our number one goal,” said Starnes, who is registered as an independent.

Organizers of a drive to make the office of Douglas County commissioner nonpartisan on Wednesday called on the Board of Commissioners to placethe measure on the November general election ballot.According to the Douglas County elections office, there are 15,100 voters in Douglas County registered as independents or members of minor parties. Among the two major parties, Republicans outnumber Democrats by 30,123 to 21,593......

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