Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Nora Ephron: But Who's The Candidate?

NY media panel: third party run against Hillary?
Tue Apr 18 Huffington Post
.... One of the panelists, Judith Hope, former state chairman of the New York Democratic Party, had reminded us that a third-party candidate named Ralph Nader had cost the Democrats the election in 2000. "Third parties always pull votes," she said, "thereby creating mischief."
"But it cuts both ways," political analyst Lawrence O'Donnell said, referring to 1992 when Bill Clinton was elected thanks to Ross Perot's candidacy. "Ross Perot was the spoiler, and you didn't hear anyone complaining about that." ..."You're going to get a Perot-like billionaire," O'Donnell said. "There are too many of these Corzine guys out there, bored, looking for something to do. You've got a mayor in this town who's a mayor out of boredom. Billionaires' boredom - that creates candidates."
So there it is. A bored billionaire is going to save us from Hillary Clinton. But who is it? Tell me. We've got to cast this part and get started....

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N. Hanks said...

They must have missed the last election in New York City where 75,000 New Yorkers voted on the Independence Party line and 47% of the African American vote went outside the Democratic Party....?