Monday, February 04, 2008

On Feb. 5 "Super Tuesday" primaries and caucuses, here's where independents are (and are not) allowed to vote

Other rules and customs may apply. For example, in California "decline to state" voters may vote in the Dem primary but not the Repub primary, and they must ASK for a Dem ballot or else they will receive a nonpartisan ballot without the candidates names.

OPEN means independents can vote; CLOSED means only party registrants can vote.

Alabama - Primary Open
Alaska - Caucus Open - Dem/Closed - Repub
Arizona - Primary Closed
Arkansas - Primary Open
California - Primary Open - Dem/Closed - Repub
Colorado - Caucus Closed
Connecticut - Primary Closed (about 1% of independents have changed registration to be able to vote)
District of Columbia - Caucus Closed
Delaware - Primary Closed
Georgia - Primary Open
Idaho - Caucus Open
Illinois - Primary Open
Kansas - Caucus Open
Massachusetts - Primary Open
Minnesota - Caucus Open
Missouri - Primary Open
Montana - Repub - Primary Open
N. Dakota - Caucus Open
New Jersey - Primary Open
New Mexico - Dem Primary Closed
New York - Primary Closed
Oklahoma - Primary Closed
Tennessee - Primary Open
Utah - Primary Open

see for more information....

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