Sunday, July 27, 2008

The Hankster will be SIRIUS on Tues. July 29. Will you?

The Hankster is scheduled to be on SIRIUS Satellite Radio's "Indie Talk" Channel 110, on Joe Salzone's Blog Bunker from 5-6pm. If you're SIRIUS, tune in!

Here's what SIRIUS says about Indie Talk: "Indie Talk, an exclusive, groundbreaking SIRIUS talk radio channel serves as an uncensored forum for nonpartisan independent thought and opinion. Indie Talk has no agenda: the channel gives an equal voice to individuals from any affiliation or background, targets the blogger generation, and is a platform for listeners across the country to react to breaking news, issues and buzz."

By the way, Joe Salzone does a "blog update" every 20 minutes during the day (or at least some of the day) where he reads the headlines from some of the big blogs...

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