Monday, July 07, 2008

Conversations on Politics, Technology and Democracy

From ComputerWorld:
Chris Bowers, managing editor of the progressive blog OpenLeft, is launching the Google bombs by encouraging bloggers to embed Web links to the nine news stories about McCain in their blogs, which helps raise their ranking in Google search results. Bowers is reprising a similar Google bombing effort he undertook in 2006 against 52 different congressional candidates.

From PCMagazine:
I want my president to be a geek, and you should, too. Because the personal computer is perhaps the greatest tool for democratic progress ever created.

From a comment on The New Republic/The Plank -- aeromonas said:
The internet is a tool and a powerful one at that, but I reckon we've done quite a bit more than merely scratch the surface of its politically transformative potential. It has revolutionized fund raising, no doubt, and democratized fund raising too. And email is sure as hell a more efficient way to get the word out than telephone trees. But in the end people have to get off their asses and go to meetings and rallies--and run for office--and no one has been able to explain to me how the internet is uniquely motivational.

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